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Rainbow Cloud

Thanks to Lonergans Bar (Salthill Galway), Magnettis (Salthill Galway) and Costello Coaches Corofin for taking part in the video. 

Long Lost Love

Our animated video featuring photos shot in Kennys Art Gallery, photos by Chaosheng Shang and Anthony Shaughnessy. 

Mistaken Identity

Galway 1990

Featuring Steve on vocals, this classic retro tune has a video using footage shot around Galway in 199o.

Pete has put a lovely harmonica track to the tune.

we hope you enjoy it!

Bye Bye

The Dance Video

With the lifting of restrictions, The Opacas were at long last able to realise a long held ambition to do full on dance video. Legendary Galway baed choreographer Declan J. Gardiner came on board to help put an extended cast through a routine in the Galway Bay Hotel on Feb 20th 2022. Following rehearsals, the ensemble performed the routine on Saltill Promenade during strorm Eunice (a force 9 storm). It added production value!

As a bonus, the band met Chaosheng Zhang on the prom and its his photography that is used

for the artwork.

Videos: Video


The Lego Video

Due to Covid lockdown restrictions we could not do a video in person so decided to do the next best thing and do it in Lego! We hope you like it.

The Opacas would like to thank @twophatcows for permission to use their photo of the Arts Festival Big Top. 


The Lego Video

Here is the trailer for our single. Outta Time

Videos: Video


Dedicated to anyone and everyone struggling with life under lockdown

The Opacas would like to thank the following for their cooperation in the making of this video:
The Twelve Hotel for giving us permission to use the function room
Chaosheng Zhang for many of the photos used in the video
Amy Talbot for filming this vodeo at short notice.
And to Mike McLoughlin for providing the drumbeat to the video!

Videos: Video


The Kinvara video

Filmed in Kinvara, Co. Galway 16 December 2020. With thanks to: Mary and Colette Murray, (​) for agreeing to be our principal location for this video

To Elaine (​) for letting us film poor 'Sam' not getting the job

The wonderful actors from Knocknacarra Amateur Theatre Society and Athenry Drama Group. In order of appearance: Niamh O'Brien- Bar Manager; Shane Murray- Job Seeker; Mike McLoughlin- Drummer; Mark Fitzgerald- Caring Grandson; Linsey Cant - Widow; Ger Holmes- Granny; Shifra Tobin- Doctor; John Mangan- Security Guard/Shop Manager; Kate O'Mahony and Penny Dae Gallagher- Daughter and grand-daughter.

Videos: Video


Featuring actors from Knocknacarra Amateur Theatre Society and Athenry Drama Group.

The Opacas would like to thank the following for their cooperation in the making of this video:
The Old Barracks in Athenry- thanks to Scott Fitzgerald and his team for the hospitality and permission to film on premises. Last minute changes to the script were required to comply with COVID-19 restrictions
so thanks for the flexibility!
Kevin Mullan for driving his fathers lime green 1979 Mazda from Galway to Athenry so a Sleazy Sam could get another ticket!
Knocknacarra Amateur Theatre Society and Athenry Drama Society both mobilised to take part in this video- the performances are wonderful so thank you! The cast of the video (in order of appearance)
Leading Man: Mark Fitzgerald
Auld Biddies: Geraldine Holmes and Linsey Cant
Leading Lady: Shifra Tobin
Waitress: Niamh O’Brien
Policeman: John Mangan
Sleazy Sam: Shane Murray

Videos: Video

Out Of My Mind (Official Release)

We would like to thank the following:

  • Martin Coyne and the team in the Holiday Hotel (The Office Bar), Salthill for the use of the bar in the filming of this video. Great piano there too!

  • Kevin Mullan for the use of his father Frank Mullan's lime green 1979 Mazda vintage car and for getting it to the Prom on time for us!

The cast of characters: Barman- Paraic O’Reilly Barmaid- Amy Talbot Sleazy Sam: Shane Murray Policeman: John Mangan

Videos: Video


Videos: Image

Outta Time featuring Aoife Dowd

Connamara based painter Aoife Dowd features in this video alsong with Petes acoustic piano version of Outta Time. Her website is:

Videos: Video

She Walks Away featuring Patrick Kenneally

We hope you enjoy the paintings of Kinvara based painter Patrick Kenneally in this acoustic piano version of She Walks Away. His website is

Videos: Video

She Walks Away featuring Dr. Chaosheng Zhang

Thanks to Dr. Chaosheng Zhang for giving us permission to use his photos.

Videos: Video

Out of My Mind featuring Emma Cownie

Featuring the paintings of Emma Cownie, please check out her website at

Videos: Video

We Won't Look Back (Acoustic Piano Version featuring photographer Rebecca Harris)

Thanks to Rebecca Harris (@dawlishhumbug) for giving us permission to use her photography in this acoustic version of our upcoming single, 'We Won’t Look Back'. Hope you like it!

Videos: Video

Long Lost Love - featuring the ceramic artwork of Jed Gjerek.
Sean Lennon on violin

An amazing artist and the first time we have collaborated with someone working with ceramics! thanks for collaborating with us Jed!

Sean Lennon features on violin along side The Opacas keyboard maestro, Pete Tobin!

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