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Dedicated to making you smile

The Opacas are a virtual band who have never met in person. Their song writing process is all done remotely using standard applications on mobile phones. The group came about because of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020 when musical endeavours the members were engaged in abruptly halted.

The Opacas are Galway based musicians Steve Talbot, Pat Boyle and Peter Tobin. The fourth member is Leeds based buitaris Mark Raynor who is depicted in videos, animations and publicity shots as a wooden cutout.

The band use freely available apps on the internet to create their music which is then used to collaborate with local artists to promote their work.

The Opacas collaborate with local amateur theatre groups to make videos of their songs. They also create piano-only versions of their songs which are used as a soundtrack for videos showcasing the works of local painters and photographers. 

The band is old enough to know better but just want to spread some fun in a world that seems to be going crazy. 

Photo is Pat Boyle, Mark Raynor (represented by wooden cutout), Pete Tobin and Steve Talbot. This was  taken while filming the video for 'Out Of My Mind' on Salthill Prom and it was the first time more than two members of the group met in person.

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