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Elena Moreno (@e.moreno.artist)

Elena Moreno is a Spanish artist, based in Galway. Passionate about art from a young age and fascinated with the creative process, Elena completed her studies in History of Art, Fine Art and Restoration in Valencia before settling in the West of Ireland. She has been a full member of Engage Art Studios since 2017 and was one of the first artists at Francis Street Studios.

Elena’s paintings represent various themes, though they focus mainly on landscapes. She primarily works with oil paint, though is currently experimenting with new mediums such as Cold Wax/oil with which she recreates the vibrant skies, textured rocks, and rugged landscapes of the West of Ireland. She represents her surroundings with a technical skill and use of colour which captures our imagination.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with you Elena! Thank you!

elena photo.JPG

Jed Gjerek (

Born in Croatia, currently based in Ireland, Jed Gjerek is an internationally active artist, potter, ceramic maker and tutor with a very popular YouTube Channel.

He is also a tutor in adult education in pottery and ceramics.\

Jed's work specializes in the traditional pottery of north-west Croatiaand was awarded by the Ministry of Culture Croatia as National Treasure.

THANK YOU JED for collaborating with us!

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Connemara based artist Aoife Dowd features in the acoustic piano version of Outta Time. Her amazing paintings capture the beauty of her surroundings in a unique and special way. We love her work and hope you do to. Please support emerging artists!

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Michael Tompsett

When the Opaca video was being created, we realised that Annie needed a piece of artwork to represent Galway. Annie die searching and found the most amazing Galway skylines had already been produced by Michael Tompsett. Michael agreed to let us use his work in the game but if you can spare a moment to visit his website, you will find many more cities are there in beautiful colours.

jy 2.jpg


We are delighted to collaborate with Jin Yong for the acoustic piano version of 'We Won't Look Back'. Orignially from China, Jin has made Ireland his home. His work is primarily of wild animals but he brings in beautiful bold colours and then infuses the paintings with uplifting messages that leave you in a happier state of mind. We love his work and hope you enjoy the video.

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Kinvara based painter Patrick Kenneally graduated from Limerick College of Art and Design with a degree(hons) in fine art. He won the RDS Taylor award for printmaking and has had work shown both nationally and internationally. do what we do and follow him on facebook (@patrickkenneallyart Wild Atlantic Art) because it lifts the spirit to see new works come on-line.

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We want Chaosheng to be given the freedom of Galway! He recently featured in the Galway Advertiser but it is his presence on facebook that is so special. His photographs of Galway are wonderful clearly capture a man who loves this town as much as we do. You can see what we mean by checking out his work here!

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We saw Emma's paintings of Donegal and just fell in love with them. We asked Emma if she would collaborate with us on for the acoustic piano version of our debut single 'Out of My Mind'. We love her paintings and hope you do too!

Check out her work here!

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Check out Rebeccs photos on Instagram @dawlishumbug. If you are like us, they will leave you in awe. What an eye she has.

Rebecca kindly let us use her photographs for our 'pilot' release, an acoustic piano version of 'We Won't Look Back'. We used the video and song to figure out how to use YouTube, Spotify, iTunes etc in a coherent way. We're still learning but doing it with a cracking set of images made it a pleasurable experience. 

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