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The Opacas, the Galway/Leeds based band formed during the first Covid lockdown, are celebrating their second anniversary on 30 Sept 2022 and are releasing two videos simultaneously on YouTube. The new single, ‘Long Lost Love’ will also be available on all streaming platforms. This is the eighth single released by the band (Steve Talbot, Mark Raynor, Pat Boyle and Peter Tobin) since their debut single ‘Out Of My Mind’ in September 2020. Since then they have used their music as a platform to showcase the works of local artists and actors.

‘We didn’t think it would go on this long.’ admits lead vocalist Steve Talbot, ‘so we wanted to do something special for the anniversary.’ The ‘something special’, is a haunting love song accompanied by an animated video featuring photography by Chaosheng Zhang and Anthony Shaughnessy. 

The Opacas continue with their mission to collaborate with local artists by simultaneously releasing an acoustic piano and violin version of ‘Long Lost Love’. This video showcases the talent of Sean Lennon on violin and the works of Galway based ceramic artist Jed Gjerek. 


Long Lost Love - Official Release

Long Lost Love

Acoustic Piano with violin by Sean Lennon and Ceramic Art by Jed Gjerek


The Opacas are a group of musicians that came together as a virtual group during the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. They are dedicated to making fun music and videos which they hope make people smile.
The Opacas are Galway musicians Steve Talbot, Peter Tobin and Pat Boyle and they are joined by Leeds based guitarist Mark Raynor. They released their first single 'Out Of My Mind' in September 2020. The filming of the video for the song was the first time the group met in person. 

The Opacas collaborate with local artists, theatre groups and musicians in creating music and videos which they publish on Youtube and social media. 
Every Opaca song is accompanied by a video of an acoustic piano version of it on YouTube that showcases the work of local painters and photographers.

The group are on social media and frequently produce little animations where Mark is represented as a wooden cutout (although with mischievous magic powers).

You can keep up to date by following us on facebook/instagram or twitter @opacasmusic.